Sunny Day, Chasing The Clouds Away

15 04 2008

Date: April 14, 2008

Mileage: 7.1

April Mileage: 45.3

Year To Date Mileage: 143.3

Temp/Weather: 58F, Sunny

In my mug: Tazo Tea Berryblossom White

Tea Quote of the day: “Your strength is in how calmly, quietly, and peacefully you face life.”



I have not ridden since last Thursday. After donating blood on Friday, I spent a large portion of my weekend feeling tired and napping. I barely got any laundry done. I am still tired, but I had it in me to peddle to work. Missing all those RBC’s made my commute kind of crumby. I felt like it was my first week riding my bike all over again. I was huffy and puffing in my granny gear, never getting past 4th gear (out of 7). It really didn’t help that it was only 28F out this morning, and last night I had very vivid dreams accompanied with restless sleep.


Hopefully my ride home will be less, umm, painful. I was able to tack on an extra 2.4 miles mid-day when I made a quick trip to the bank to deposit a check that’s been in my wallet for about a month. I got back and still had plenty of time to squeeze in lunch and a couple of rows of knitting on my sweater.



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