11 04 2008

No bike today. L It is downright NASTY outside. I woke up and got dressed to ride my bike. I was ready. It was raining pretty hard outside, but that isn’t such a big deal. I have hot tea, a portable heater, and plenty of nice dry clothes to change into at work. Then the rain changed to snow. I still planned on riding, stupidly. I figured I could just leave a little earlier to compensate for having to ride slower in the slick road conditions. Then it started getting windy. The sort of windy that makes it look like the sleet/snow/rain mix is coming from next door instead of up above. Look, I am committed to riding year round, in any weather, once I have the things that will keep me warm and dry in this sort of weather. But I don’t own that stuff yet. I am not a masochist, either. I was okay with riding, until the weatherman said that it would be really windy with a 20F wind chill ALL DAY LONG.


So I laughed at the weatherman, and changed my clothes. I fed my car oil and antifreeze, and drove into work. Besides, it’s Friday. Why not laugh at all the poor saps stuck behind my fire-breathing dragon?


Oh, and I forgot to mention, I am going to go donate blood at lunch today. That was the straw that broke the camels back this morning. I am not riding back to work immediately after donating blood, in snowing, 20F wind chilled weather. Forget it. I think I might drive home and get my camera to take a picture of my needle-y arm today though. I haven’t posted any pictures in awhile, I can’t seem to figure it out. WordPress changed the dashboards, and I am so confused. Sigh.





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