Will Bike For Beer

5 04 2008

Date: April 4

Mileage: 13.6

April Mileage: 22.9

Year to Date Mileage: 120.4

Temp/Weather: 62F, sunny

Days Until RAGBRAI: 105

After work yesterday, I biked back home to take care of the critters. I needed to check on Kitty and see how she felt, and then I fed all of them their dinner, and headed back out. I was meeting my boyfriend at Legends Bar and Grill. His team had just implemented a big project, and they were going out to celebrate. I rode my bike there. Now, 9 miles doesn’t seem that far in a car, but damn, it sure was far on a bike. I was riding in the street for the majority of the way, so I rode too hard. When I ride in the street, I always feel like I have to ride as hard and fast as possible. But doing that, I always get tired out quickly. So the ride was a lot of stop and go, but I finally made it. Cresting that hill and seeing the bar was a wonderful feeling.



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