Bike? What Bike?

1 04 2008

Hmm. No bike ride again today. I really should be pedalling away, but I’m not. I decided to take a second rest day from the group ride I did on Sunday. My legs, and most notably my knees, were hurting me a lot last night. I did some stretching, but I just couldn’t make that ache in my knees go away. It made my way too cranky for my britches. I lashed out at Scott mostly. I apologized immediately, and then went to bed while he was at the gym so that I wouldn’t say anything else mean to him. I feel very remorseful that I let my knee pain effect my mood so much.

So today I decided I would wait one more day before I get back on my bike. When I get home tonight I am going to do yoga for an hour or so since I am not riding. I think a long yoga session will help stretch out some of the muscles that are making my knees so sore. It is early in the season, so there is no reason to risk injury to my knees, I have a lot of miles to put in before RAGBRAI.




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