Sunday Group Ride

30 03 2008

Westside Church

Date: March 30

Mileage: 26.1

March Mileage: 92.4

Year to date mileage: 92.4

Temp/Weather: 47F, Cloudy, breezy

Days until RAGBRAI: 111

I went for my first group ride today. I was the only person that showed up that didn’t work at the bike shop. So it was me, Steve, and Steve. Easy to remember at least. They were really nice, kept the pace easy (too easy at times), and we completed 14 miles in just about an hour. I ride my bike there, then ran some errands afterwards, then went back to the bike shop, and then home. The bike shop was having the last day of their “Kick off the Season Sale” so I picked up some stuff:

Bike Schwag

I decided it was time for a new helmet. I was planning on replacing it this summer before RAGBRAI, but since the helmets were on sale, I tried one on, and immediately changed my mind about buying one later. My new brain bucket is SO nice. It fits tightly in all the right places, and best of all, it isn’t chewed up by a dog. I also got myself a nice pink bottle cage, as I didn’t have one on my bike, and I really needed one today on my ride. And then I picked up a folding park tool, some tire levers, a small tire patch kit, and I got a book at Borders on how to fix my bike.


My ride was fairly uneventful. I stopped at Borders on my errands and decided to take my bike in with me this time, since last time I locked it up outside someone stole my tail light. I wasn’t about to take any chances of having to buy a new tail light again. While I was there, I stopped at the restroom because I downed a big glass of water, and a cup of tea after riding 20 miles (I was kind of thirsty). I found this monster on the bathroom stall wall:

Bathroom Monster

Then I went to the pet food store to pick up half the load of dog food I will need for the next two weeks. I checked online last night to see what their hours were today, and the web said on Sundays they are open noon to five. I got there at 12:40, and the doors were all locked up. They didn’t open until 1:00. So I went back to the bike shop instead of waiting around. I wasn’t about to sit for 20 minutes in the cold and wind waiting for them to open. I tell you, this store is really pissing me off. They have some of the most unreasonable hours known to man. You would think they were the DMV or something. I must start looking to see if I can find that food somewhere else, I kind of want to boycott this store. I have to schedule a couple hours out of my day to go there and back. I don’t mind it, when I know the store will be open. But it seems to be never open. In fact, today I was so mad about the store being closed that I almost crashed my bike because I was swearing instead of paying attention. I hit my front brake really hard, and fish tailed. Luckily I just bruised my thigh on the handlebar, instead of falling over at an intersection. :::Doh!!!:::

I also saw a really fat man trying to get out of his car at a local eating establishment. He was so fat, he had to recline his seat in order to, I shit you not, ooze out of the car. Maybe ooze isn’t the right word. You know how elephant seals move on the beach? Kind of like that, except a man instead of an elephant seal, and getting out of a car instead of moving across a beach. I was grossed out. How does someone LET themselves get so fat, that they can’t even get out of a car? Yuck.

Ok, last but certainly not least. The bike rack in Omaha would like me to extend an invitation to any of you that read my blog for their Wednesday night rides and their Sunday afternoon rides. These are slow, easy paced rides. Not competitive. They are set up more for the people just getting into biking, or those that haven’t done a lot of biking, or those that would like to get some experience on a group ride. They will be mostly on the local trails in and around Omaha, varying lengths and times. I don’t know the times of the rides yet, but just ask me, and I can find out for you. These should be a lot of fun. Think breakfast rides and such. I will most likely be there; I need to start trying to log more and more miles to get ready for RAGBRAI in the summer; I want to do the extra century ride they will have half way through the week. That, and I like bike people, a lot. So the more I can hang out around them, the better. Hope to see you there!




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