Spring’s Big Disappointment

28 03 2008

Date: March 28 (exactly 8 months until my birthday)

Mileage: 5.1

March Mileage: 66.3

Mileage year to date: 66.3

Temp/Weather: 40’sF, gray, cloudy, “breezy”

Days until RAGBRAI: 113

I think the big disappoint with Spring is the weather, specifically March weather. They say March is “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. But this year seems more like “In like a lion, out like a lion.” March starts, and it is technically still Winter up here in the northern hemisphere. By the end of March, it is supposed to officially be Spring. Now, I am not stupid, I am not expecting snow and gray dreary wether, and flowers blooming everywhere, and warm sunny days the next. At least not in Omaha. But I am so gosh darn sick of: cold, gray, windy. Really, I would take any two without complaining, cold and grey, grey and windy, cold and windy. But all three is just too much. I need some nice Spring-ish weather here, desperately. PLEASE! Help a sister out!

Everyone here is so sick of this winter. I am getting the impression that that sentiment is being expressed nationwide. Let’s move on. Spring is here, what do I have to do to convince mother nature to get the show on the road? I want to start complaining about how it’s too hot and muggy outside! I am tired of complaining about how cold and nasty it is.

Oh, yesterday on my way home, I almost got run over again. This time I have no doubt that it was on purpose. I was on a residential street, at the intersection, waiting to turn left. I had my super bright tail light set to blink blindingly at anyone in a car behind me. I am in the left most part of the street, waiting. Some jackass comes up behind me in his Mercedes, passes me on the left (in the other lane of traffic, at an intersection), with his RIGHT TURN BLINKER ON! He then cuts directly in front of me, and turns right. I forgot to mention that there was enough room on my right side for a semi to squeeze by and turn right. I lost it. I started screaming and spewing profanity that would make a sailor blush. Not to mention waving my fists around in a menacing way :). He didn’t even flinch, never looked at me, no “Sorry, I didn’t see you”, nothing to show any sign of remorse. All his actions said to me was “This is MY road, stay out of MY way, or I WILL run you over.” Prick. To make it even funnier, even if he had turned left behind me, instead of cutting me off to turn right, I was literally just trying to cross the street to get to a church parking lot. It’s my short cut home. I was going to cross the street to a church parking lot. I wasn’t purposely holding up traffic, I just wanted to cross without getting run over by a**holes like Mercedes-guy.

I have to vent about these things here, because it really upsets my boyfriend when I tell him. And I don’t want him to worry about me. I realize riding my bike can be risky, but so is driving, or swimming, or any of the million other things that we do in a day.

In happier news, I am starting to research book publishing. I have no idea how to do most of what I am aiming for with publishing a knitting book. It is going to be challenging. I think I am going to have to just dig in. I thinkI will start with patterns already published that are similar to what I want to design. I am going to need to knit it up, then knit about a billion guage swatches, and then knit a test based on the guage swatch I like best, and then see if I can get some test knitters to try it out and let me know what they think. I will have rinse and repeat for each pattern, so this might take me until I am 30 to have enough patterns together for a whole book. But I figure I can start with the small things to practice with, work my way up to the harder things, like sweaters, and publish them as pdfs for sale through my etsy account as I go.




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