26 03 2008

Date: March 26

Mileage: 5.1

March Mileage: 56.6

Year to date mileage: 56.6

Temp/Weather: Up to 60F. partly cloudy, partly rainy

Days Until RAGBRAI: 115

Meh. It pretty much sums up my day. My job is getting pretty boring. It isn’t that it is too easy, or not hard enough, or that I’ve mastered it. It is that I am not finding it intellectually stimulating, physically stimulating, or challenging. And that sucks. I need to find a way through this slump I’m in.  I need to find a way to do what I love, and still make a decent living. I am thinking of enrolling in Bike School. I think I would enjoy something like that. I have thought of doing an apprenticeship before in a field like electrician. But, I don’t know. I don’t LOVE electrical stuff. I love bikes, I think after my boyfriend, my dogs, and my yarn, bikes are the greatest things around.

Hopefully tomorrow won’t be so blah, but I have a feeling it will be, just because it is supposed to rain. Rainy weather is always a little bit blah. Even for an ex-Seattleite.

On a happier note, my new tail light from Planet Bike came in the mail today. I accidentally made the mistake of looking at the light-bulbs when I turned it on. I am giddy with excitement at how bright this thing is! I can’t wait to use it tomorrow morning. :)



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