25 03 2008

Date: March 25

Mileage: 5.2

March Mileage: 51.5

2008 Mileage to date: 51.5

Temp/Weather: 58F, Sunny, windy

Days until RAGBRAI: 116

My ride home today was largely uneventful. I am getting more brave about “claiming my lane”. It really is much better. I was scared to do it because of all the cars that were barely squeaking past me when I was hugging the curb. But I have noticed that they really do slow down, and pass me in an appropriate way when I drive closer to the center of the lane. I am still getting rude drivers passing me, but not nearly as many. I am wondering if it was less being rude, and more just plain ignorance. I mean, how cognizant are you of how much clearance is on the far side of your car when driving? They probably felt like I was riding close to the curb so they CAN pass me, and felt like 1-3 feet was plenty of space. So, I am now riding in the spot on the lane where the right tire goes, and I feel much safer. Feeling safer allows me to concentrate on my riding and my greater surroundings, instead of just my left side. It is nice to feel a little safer in the commute.

That being said, I was close to turning into my neighborhood today, and I heard this VERY loud noise coming up behind me. I honestly thought it was some rude teenager revving his engine. Nope. It was a tractor. I huge tractor with a scoop on the front. It was sort of an odd experience. I looked up at him, and he looked down at me, and we both smiled in acknowledgment of each other. It reminded me of when we used to have our great dane, and ourcat was just a 7 week old kitten. Like this:

Beau and Jeter




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