23 03 2008

No bike ride today. Tomorrow I will be back on the bike to commute. I had planned on riding this weekend, but it is so cold and windy outside. I am just so tired (already) of frozen fingers. So anyhow, I am going out to the car and I notice that my bike looks different. I look closer, and realize the my tail-bag looks naked. Someone stole my tail light on Friday when I parked my bike outside of Borders. I mean, the nerve! It was cheap, and just clipped onto the bag, but it was mine. Not theirs. How can someone have the nerve to just TAKE something that is not theirs like that? I am ordering a new light tonight; it will be better, brighter and will bolt onto my bike instead of just clipping on. But from now on, my paranoia level has been upgraded from mild to severe. I was in the book store for 30 minutes, I was the ONLY person in the store in tights, a neon green shirt, and a bike helmet. Whoever took it, saw it belonged to me, and I know for a fact that they knew it was not their bike. I am just feeling to darn, well, indignant. My bike will go into stores with me. If it must be locked up, I will take every removable thing (head light, tail light, computer) with me.




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