Commuting can suck

19 03 2008

Date: March 19

Mileage: 5.4
March Mileage: 27.3
Year’s Mileage: 27.3
Sunny, clear, 54F
So, commuting can suck. I haven’t minded it so much yet, but this morning I had a messenger bag on my back with about 35 pounds of books inside, jabbing into my back. Ouch, ouch is all I can say. Between the strap rubbing my shoulder raw, and the books doing their best to puncture one of my lungs, I had a hard time of it this morning on my way into work. I made it half way before I decided that puncturing a lung would be worse than massive back and shoulder cramps, so I swung the bag around and rode with it basically sitting on my lap the rest of the way.

I came to the decision somewhere between home and work, that perhaps a rack and some panniers aren’t quite the “luxury” item I had thought they would be. If I am going to use my bike in replacement of my car, I am probably going to have to spend a little more money, and get some cargo holding equipment for my bike.

Grocery shopping probably wouldn’t be such a great idea if I want to bring home ice cream and all I have is my messenger bag. Back heat in summer is pretty hot. And speaking of hot, carrying a loaded down messenger bag in the summer is going to suck big time. Omaha can get pretty humid, hot, and muggy. And with Spring knocking on the door, we probably only have 1 – 1.5 nice months of non-muggy weather coming up.

So now I should look for a rack ( I really like Planet Bike’s Disc Rack), and some panniers. I have no clue about these. I think I will call the Bike-Rack and see if they carry the rack that I like, and if they will help put it on my bike, along with some panniers. I want to run errands on my bike on Friday, since I have the day off for a religious holiday that I don’t celebrate. But I’ll be damned if I am going to run those errands with my messenger bag (I need 15 pounds of frozen dog food).
By the way, I remembered my camera this morning. I got a great shot of a frost covered “field” for your viewing pleasure.




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