Post Office

15 03 2008

Date: March 15
Mileage: 4.8
March Mileage: 11.6
Year’s Mileage: 11.6
Temperature: 36F, feels like 29F

I had to go to the post office today. It is so cold and gray outside. I put it off as long as possible. But the post office keeps post office hours, so I finally had to just go. I was hoping to put it off until it at least resembled warm weather outside. But by 2:15, I had to leave. I bundled up, put on my latest pair of biking gloves (these ones are SUPPOSED to keep my fingers warm), and headed out. The first part of the trip wasn’t too bad. It was 1.8 miles to the post office. Pretty much a straight shot. I pulled up, got some strange looks, and went inside. I had to ship 3 cds that some people had bought from me on Amazon, and a gift to my “mystery” swap partner on Ravelry. Sadly, I didn’t think to take a picture until just now. Hopefully, she will post a picture when she gets it so I can post it here. It’s pretty neat…

Anyhow. I got done at the post office relatively quickly (as quickly as one can be done at the post office), and had the tough decision of which route to take back home. I could go the quick way which would be slightly more perilous: I would have to cross three lanes of traffic to get into a left turn lane, then negotiate an on-ramp, and then West Dodge Road, which resembles a higway in every way possible except name. Or I could go the longer way, which would also be a little more safe (just have to cross the road from the post office to get onto the “multi-use” pedestrian path.) I chose the long way. Mainly because I would rather inflict pain upon myself in the form of longer ride home, than to be hit by some redneck’s pick-up truck from behind.

As I set out for home, this all seemed like a dandy plan. I wasn’t hating the world too much going up the hills. But then, I had to go down a hill. That breeze would have felt good any other (warm) day. But today, with the wind chill, it is already below freezing outside. I didn’t even factor in my self-inflicted wind chill. By the bottom of the hill, my fingers were frozen. As in I couldn’t even grip the brakes kind of frozen. That can get scary, especially when you want your hands to function in case a car swerves in front of you and you need to stop quickly.

When I had about a mile to go, some redneck in a pick-up truck with a Bush/Cheney ’04 sticker rolls down a window and yells “nice CAR!” out at me. It was weird. No one has ever yelled at me from their car before. I expected that when it finally did happen, I would have some smart retort. I had a snappy comeback, too. But by the time it finally registered and processed in my head what had just happened, they were already 50 feet away and gaining. I couldn’t even flip them off, because my stupid fingers were frozen in the shape of the handlebars.

I finally made it home, and had to take my gloves off with my teeth. My fingers were all but useless at this point. My garage door opener doesn’t work when it gets cold, and I had it in my pocket. So I had to grit my teeth, and use my thumb on the key pad. I got in, and it was almost immediately better. Not just because I was back in our nice warm home, but because my puppies were waiting at the door. They were so excited that I was back that they didn’t care that I was petting them just to get some feeling back in my fingers. I headed upstairs, turned on the tea kettle, and got out my tea. I wasn’t really thirsty, but something warm to drink has supernatural restorative powers, I think.

I hope next week it gets warm enough to comfortably ride again. It was nice on Thursday when it got into the 60’s. And I would like to go back to the bike rack and get the computer on my bike calibrated. Turns out this whole time it was set to km/h. And the magnate on the pedal is too far away from the magnate reader part on the frame, so I am not even getting accurate readings. The guy at the bike shop said that if I brought it in, they would be able to fix it so I don’t have to rely on Google maps to get my mileages from. This fall, I think I am going to have to invest in some NICE biking mittens if I want to bike in cold weather.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with the quote from my tea tag: “Understanding is found through compassion.”



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