14 03 2008

Date: March 14
Mileage: 0
March Bike Mileage: 6.8
Year’s Bike Mileage: 6.8

Well, there is no relief in sight for my gas guzzling, oil eating car. I just don’t know when I will be able to replace it with something not horrible. I have been known to walk to work at various times in the last few months, depending on my car’s temperament. So I decided to one-up the old ball and chain. I broke out my bike.

I invested some money in getting her and I street ready. My daily commute, round trip, is less than 5 miles. There is absolutely no reason for me to drive. My car isn’t even warmed up by the time I get to work. I googled my various routes to get to work, and the route that I normally walk is 2.3 miles one way. So I will be commuting by bike nearly 100% of them time here very soon. This is making me feel really good….

I was going through almost $100 bucks a month in oil and gas, for a 5 mile daily commute. There is something obviously screwed up here. Not just in my mindset, but in the “average American’s” mindset; when did it become okay, and expected, that we drive everywhere? Since when is the person that uses an alternate mode of transportation a “freak”? I mean, seriously, $100 bucks. That’s a lot of time invested at work, just to buy gas and oil to drive.

I am finding inspiration in a fellow blogger up in Juneau. She is my biking hero right now. She just finished the biking version of the Iditarod! She bikes in Alaska year round. And now I am full of remorse for driving my car today, just because there is a 40% chance of rain.

Well, what do you do? I for one, am headed over to the Bike Rack for the third time in three days. I have decided to rainproof myself so I can’t use rain as an excuse to not bike. I am going to need a rain-proof biking jacket, a headlight for my bike, and fenders. I might also pick up some padded fingerless gloves for the warmer weather that we should be having next week. I would much rather invest in making my bike commuter friendly, than to buy a new car. The last thing I will need, but need to wait on, is a rack and some panniers or a small bike trailer. Those would be kickass. Then I could go grocery shopping with my bike.

Lastly, I will try to post a picture at least once a week of something neat that I see on my bike commute. See you later.



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