New Job, part II

19 07 2007

So, I guess people would like some details about my new job… right? I am what is called a “First Impressions Coordinator.” Say that 10 times fast. :) Basically, I am the face of the company for any of our clients and guests that come to the lobby. I am supposed to provide a positive first impression for our clients. I will coordinate all of the first floor activities, including greeting clients, conference room set-up and catering. A big part of my job will be to gather and maintain customer profile data. Another big part of my job is to research competitors and business journals for articles about our clients. This is probably to most important job that I have ever had. I have to wear suits to work every day of the week. I am completely responsible for myself. On the plus side, I am not just some “administrative assistant.” I will get a bonus at Christmas time every year, starting next year. They offer a wellness program, and free healthy snacks to encourage the employees to take care of themselves. The company is one of the biggest insurance brokerage firms in Omaha, and it has been voted one of the best places to work in Omaha for the last two years in a row! I am REALLY excited about this opportunity. One of the things that gets me really pumped up about this job is that there will be chances for me to move up in the company.After a year I will be eligible for schooling to be paid for. I will get classes, fees, and books paid for. All I have to do is pass. This will lead to promotional opportunities down the road. This is a job that I can grow with and develop with. This is the chance that I have been looking for for a long time. If I hadn’t gotten a job at CUS and then laid off, I wouldn’t have been referred to this company. I have to tell you, some of the biggest crises in your life can be blessings in disguise. :)




One response

20 07 2007

Congratulations, Your a great person who will do great things in life. My comment may not mean much, but I have been living a dream for the last few years and see the future will be bright for you.

You have a job at a great company, with a great opportunity, a great homelife and beautiful daughter.

Enjoy it and knock them dead,
Random Person

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