The FURminator

16 07 2007

Ok, I am not one to advertise for other people, normally. But this is incredible. I have a Beagle and a medium hair kitty. Anyone with pets KNOWS how much these critters shed on a regular basis. I have always combed my pets with those rubber pet mitts, and given them baths. It usually gets rid of quite a bit of the fur, right? So last Christmas I wanted to take them into the groomer as a present to my guy. When I was asking about prices, the groomer asked me if I wanted to have them “furminated for an extra charge?” I said, “Well, what is it?” She goes on to tell me that “FURminating” reduces up to 90% of shedding pet hair. Hey, I am totally on board with that. How can I say no to 90% less pet hair floating around my house? I hate dead pet hair. It looks ugly on my work clothes, makes cleaning even more of a chore, and to top it off, I always end up with cat hair stuck to the back of my throat after I pet Kitty. So, anyhow. I was in line at PetCo, and I saw this display for the FUTminator brush. Let me warn you now, the smallest brush costs $39.99. But, the company gives a 30 day money back guarantee. So I figured that for the cost of taking two pets to the groomer, I could but this FURminator, try it, and if it sucked, oh well, I can at least get my money back. PetSmart and PetCo both carry it, and I think that you can but it on Amazon for less than retail.

So I get nothing out of this. I promise on my daughters life that this isn’t a paid endorsement. I just can’t believe how well it worked! Our pets are both visibly slimmer now. I took a picture of the pile of fur that I got off of Kitty, I will post it below. But here’s the thing about Kitty’s fur picture: I couldn’t get her to stay still to be combed out for the whole time. So we have had to do it in “spurts” while she eats. The the fur that came out of her in this picture is only a)1 session, and 2) about half of the fur that has come off of her!

If I was smart, I would go buy a whole bunch of these wholesale, then go to the dog park and do “demos” on other peoples’ pets and sell them furminators. The price tag is scary, but when you see the results, you won’t be sorry that you bought it!




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