Vegan amniotic fluid

11 07 2007

I have a renewed interest in my diet. I gave up for a few weeks after my last fast attempt, and after I got laid off from work, I pretty much gave up everything good for me.

But I have a renewed sense of hope for my future. I am looking forward to a healthier life. I will hopefully be working again soon, and these means income. And purpose. I like working, I really like having something to do with my day. So with the promise of work on my horizon, I am ready to go vegan full time. This is going to be hard. My boyfriend is about as carnivorous as they come. And I don’t want to get all preachy on him. I wish that he would eat healthier though, I worry about his health and his weight. All his extra weight is carried around his midriff, the spot that corresponds the most with coronary heart disease. He always complains about how uncomfortable he is, and then he orders steak and mashed potatoes. I want to scream at him somedays: just because you work out doesn’t mean you can eat crap!!!! You must eat consciously in addition to working out if you want to be healthy.

So anyways, now that I have that off my chest. I can’t find any kind of generic vegan/vegetarian shopping list that I can download. It is maddening. But I am going to call the local health food store and make an appointment with the stores dietitian. I will tell her/him that I am new to being a vegan, and I need some shopping pointers and some meals ideas until I feel more comfortable with my new diet. If Scott wants meat, he will have to learn how to cook it himself. He will also have to buy it himself. It can be in the house, as long as I don’t have anything to do with it. :)

My goal is to start bringing my body into “optimal” health, focusing on the quality of my food instead of the quantity. We want to start trying for a family in the next 3-5 years. I want to make my body ready for a pregnancy before it happens. I want to be comfortable as a vegan before I start having people question my diet as a newly pregnant woman, too. And I want my future babies to start life as vegetarians before they are even outside of my body. They will be used to my food choices through the amniotic fluid before they are even separate from my body. And then , when I am breastfeeding, they will again be familiar with the flavors of my meals, making transitioning to vegan solids easier. Call me an idealist.

I want more than anything in the world to be a mother again. If it means starting to get ready for it 3-5 years in advance, I am ready, willing, and able. I won’t be super-mom. But I will try to be the best mom that I am capable of being. I lost my chance once, I won’t lose it again.




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